Cucumber Agua Fresca

Cucumber Agua Fresca

A quick one before I leave to celebrate the weekend of this exhausting week of watching movies until dawn, hoola - hooping, and walking in the rain. Sorry to all the Spanish-speaking readers who probably find the title ridiculous if not even completely missed; it’s just my idea of agua fresca, some kind of a melon blended with sugar and finished with a generous squeeze of lime. I initially wanted to make this with actual cantaloupe melon, but economic reasons prevailed and here it is, the cheapest version I could think of, third time this week, cucumber! I hope it has some amazing superpowers and will soon turn my eyes into the cleaners of greens and solve all of the other problems I’m facing these days. But back to the recipe; it doesn’t fall far from a virgin moscow mule, but I can’t imagine a splash of vodka doing this any harm. Now that you know how to manage the unlikely leftovers, there you go, the full recipe:


Cucumber Agua Fresca 



(makes enough for 2)



2 large cucumbers 

1 lime, juice and zest

2-3 tbsp sugar 

2-3 tbsp water 

2cm piece of ginger 

a generous handful of mint

(Kliknij tu po wersję polską!)

How to:

Begin by preparing the syrup: zest the lemon, finely chop the ginger, mix with sugar and water, and let simmer for 10 minutes. You may have to add water (in little increments, say by one tablespoon at a time) as the modest initial amount evaporates, but it’s better to start with little than have the thing turn out too watery.

Peel and chop the cucumber. Place in a blender, mix until smooth. 

Add the syrup. 

Divide between two glasses, adding ice if the contents of your freezer allow. 

Have a nice weekend!