Banana Pancakes + Raspberry Jam

When I visit my parents, cooking feels like a salvation mission. There is always some produce on the verge of rotting, useless for eating raw but very welcome in batters and such - this applies to bananas especially, but this time I’ve also been sent to pick the last, almost overripe raspberries. The two were then combined to make long-craved banana pancakes.

raspberries in the garden

Those pancakes are the first recipe I’ve tried from my new favorite (cook)book, Anna Jones’ A Modern Way to Eat, an unusually inspiring tome that managed to make me crave greens again. The styling and photography are sensational, with a feel of coziness and casualness to them, precisely what I want for my cooking to be. It’s a work that can be read like a novel or a textbook, the recipes being not a central but integral part to the rest of contents.  

Back to the pancakes, now. Those are not of the fluffy, American-diner kind, but looking at the ingredients shouldn’t leave you expecting anything of that kind. Without the name or instructions, you might actually be inclined to cook the oats with the milk, then arrange the chopped banana plus walnuts on top, and in effect end up eating the same porridge you’ve already had dozens of times before. But the flakes and the rest of the lot are here treated as raw materials, subject to a variety of treatments. See what I meant by „unusually inspiring”? The final product is satisfying, full of textures, with a healthy but indulgent vibe. One note: the oats don’t have quite the binding powers of flaxseed or egg, and I don’t recommend leaning too close to the healthy side by skipping oil when frying. 

banana pancakes2

Banana Pancakes 

(from Anna Jones’ A Modern Way to Eat)


(makes 8, enough for 2 people)


100g oats, 1 scant cup

1 ripe banana

1 tsp baking powder

a good handful walnuts, chopped (or pecans)

150ml dialuted coconut milk (or 50ml canned coconut milk, 100ml water, or a milk of your choice)

pinch sea salt 

1 tbsp coconut oil

to serve:

2 bananas, rather firm

1/2 tbsp coconut oil

maple syrup

1 tbsp crushed walnuts 

berries - I used raspberries


For the jam:


1/2 cup raspberries

1 tsp coconut oil

1 tbsp flaxseed, whole

1 tbsp maple syrup, optional 

How to:

Mash one ripe banana in a medium-sized bowl, a fork should work just fine. Blitz the oats in a blender or coffee grinder, add to the banana along with the milk, baking powder, salt and walnuts. Mix, set aside for 15 minutes or so, to allow the oat flour to work its magic. 

On a small frying pan, melt the coconut oil. Cut the firm bananas into 1cm oblique slices and fry on both sides, until browned and visibly softened. Place on a plate and cover with foil to keep warm. 

You can use the same pan for making the jam. Add some extra oil and the raspberries, smash them with a fork and add the flax. Let cook until very fragrant. If your raspberries are on the tart side, you may want to add some maple syrup. The jam will thicken as it cools down. 

Using a clean pan, heat up the remaining coconut oil. Fry the pancakes, one tablespoon of batter per pancake. Flipping might be tricky, but remember, this is a casual breakfast, and you have the jam to cover any disastrously looking individuals. 

Divide the pancakes between two plates, spoon the jam generously on top, followed by fried bananas, some extra crushed nuts and fresh berries, and maple syrup. 

banana pancakes
raspberry jelly