About the blog:

Documenting my meals is a tradition of mine far exceeding the life of this blog. I’ve been snapping pictures of my food ever since I moved abroad to study, to make my mom believe I ate. It didn’t take long for me to develop a habit of always trying to make the plate look pretty and of making the extra step in the kitchen. I wanted to start a blog on which I would only post the pictures. It just took me forever to figure out a name (look mom, i eat would have been brilliant, but was already taken).  And then I got really serious about cooking, so the aim of the blog also got a little bit more ambitious. 

I’ve stopped cooking with meat roughly after my third trip to the supermarket as a student. Boy, was it expensive in relation to things essential for my survival. Two bottles of wine vs a yucky-looking piece of chicken? It felt ridiculous. It took me a couple of months of extra reading to make the decision not to ever eat meat (fish, anything that was alive, moving and could look at me) again. It sounds so dramatic! But I never feel like I’m missing out. What I’ve decided to give up is a dot in a space of flavors, nutrients, and textures. Which I love to explore, and I hope to share those explorations on this blog.


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